WOC  prepared the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Self Evaluations and Transition Plans for Streets and Sidewalks for the City and County of Honolulu, County of Maui and County of Hawaii.  The Plans were prepared in accordance with the ADA Title II and the Department of Justice implementing regulations in 28 CFR Section 35.105 and Section 35.150.

The Self Evaluation consisted of reviewing past and present policies and practices that could impinge upon achieving maximum compliance with the latest requirements of the ADA.  The recommendations emanating from the Self Evaluation provided clear guidance for rectifying policies and practices to assure that program access on the streets and sidewalks could be achieved in the long-term.

The Transition Plan was  a policy guide focused on the physical aspects of achieving program access by correcting deficiencies in existing curb ramps and providing new ADA-compliant curb ramps in the most cost-effective manner for the disabled community.  This was accomplished by establishing priorities reflecting the input of the disabled community, as garnered through an on-going survey targeting that community.

A central feature of the Transition Plans prepared by WOC for the Counties was the development of a computerized data base representing every intersection under County jurisdiction.  Sub-files include data on each corner of each intersection and sub-files of each corner contain data on individual curb ramps, including measurements of 23 elements, identification of any deficiencies, recommendation for modification and associated cost estimate, and digital photographs of the ramp.  The data base allows planners to run repeated iterations examining implications of priorities, costs, and considerations such as phasing in conjunction with resurfacing and other street improvements.  The database will be critical for the County to monitor implementation of the Transition Plan and to aid in the preparation of contracts for designing and constructing the recommended improvements.

Disciplines Provided: Traffic Engineering