The project entails the replacement of existing guardrail systems and crash cushions, and construction of new concrete barrier walls along the freeway between Middle Street (Mile Post 18.85) and the Punchbowl Street Off-ramp (Mile Post 22.48).  The purpose of the project is to upgrade and/or improve portions of shoulders and guardrail systems, at locations designated by the State.  Modernization of roadside features to meet current Federal safety guidelines including the National Cooperative Highway Research Program’s (NCHRP) Report 350.

Civil Engineering scope includes the preparation of plans to modify or upgrade existing guardrails, guardrail end treatments, concrete barrier walls, end post transitions, and impact attenuators and assist with post design services during construction.  Associated work includes street light relocation, roadside earthwork, pavement restoration, erosion control, traffic control plans, and NPDES permit.  WOC’s Planning Group assisted with the environmental permitting, a public informational meeting, and the preparation of a noise variance permit for night work.

Traffic engineering scope included the preparation of a Transportation Management Plan.

Disciplines Provided: Planning, Civil and Traffic Engineering