The Interstate Route H-3 Windward Viaduct, the longest bridge in the State of Hawaii, used state-of-the-art construction methods with bridge spans ranging from 240 to 300 ft. The superstructure is post-tensioned in both the longitudinal and transverse directions to provide strength and to control cracking. Due to the desire to blend the structure with the environment, the bridge is aligned to follow the curvature of the ridges. Consequently, it was necessary to design a bridge deck which varied in width in order to maintain adequate horizontal sight stopping distance. The result is a durable, safe, and aesthetically appealing finished structure. The bridge has been described as “a piece of sculpture a mile and a half long”.

Disciplines Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering

award-icon  AWARDS

2000 Design for Transportation, Merit Award, U.S. Department of Transportation

2000 Globe Award Competition for Environmental Excellence, American Road & Transportation Builders Association and Transportation Development Foundation