Our traffic engineers are well versed in the latest local and national policies and regulations, national trends, analytical models and innovative solutions. The multi-disciplinary experience of our traffic engineers offers a holistic problem solving approach to complex environmental and community issues. This is evident in our successful completion of highly controversial projects. Our traffic expertise covers:

Traffic Planning
Traffic Impact Assessment
Traffic Forecasting
Transportation Master Planning
Pedestrian Studies
Transit Studies
Traffic Demand Analysis
Parking Analysis
Transportation Demand Management
Construction Traffic Management

Operation Analysis
Traffic Simulation
Traffic Signal Timing Optimization
Traffic Demand Modeling
Corridor Analyses
Travel Time Analyses
Multi-Modal Analysis
Capacity Analysis

Intersection Design
Traffic Signal Design
Traffic Calming Design

Our traffic engineers are also very familiar with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II Transition and Compliance Program, and capable of providing expert witness services. WOC was involved in the State Department of Transportation’s ADA Compliance and Implementation Program; City & County of Honolulu’s Self Evaluation, Transition and Implementation Program; County of Hawaii’s Self Evaluation and Transition Plan; and the County of Maui’s Self Evaluation and Transition Plan.