The County of Kaua‘i Department of Public Works is implementing the Kawaihau-Hau‘a‘ala-Mailihuna Complete Streets project in East Kaua‘i.  The intent of the project is to improve the safety and operation of the 5-way intersection of these three streets, and to provide safe routes for students and residents.

Improvements include a peanut-shaped roundabout at the 5-way intersection; sidewalks and roadways shoulders to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists; and crosswalks with flashing beacons.

WOC prepared and processed required approvals and permits, including Chapter 343 and NEPA Environmental Assessment Exemption, Chapter 6E Historic Preservation review, federal cross cutter requirements; conducted a public information meeting; and prepared construction plans for preferred alternative. WOC also prepared a Transportation Management Plan.

The project is currently under construction.

Disciplines Provided: Planning, Civil and Traffic Engineering